Legislative Services

Securing copies of Sangguniang Bayan Documents


  • Rule XVIII, Art. 122 (a) (v) or IRR – R.A. 7260
  • Title five, Article one Section 469 @ (5) of R.A. 7160 which states. (The Secretary to the Sanggunian) shall furnish, upon request of any interested party, certified copies of records of public character in his custody, upon payment to the treasurer of such fees as maybe prescribed by ordinance.


  • Letter-request specifying the document needed, or
  • Duly filled-out request form


  • Certified copies of official documents – Pph 30.00 per page
  • Certification (secretary’s fee) – Php 30.00


As the client, you: The responsible office It will take Person(s) responsible
1. Submission of letter-request or accomplishment of request form Issue request form to be accomplished by applicant 5 minutes SB Secretary Lily U. Dalag
2. Action on request/ preparation of documents, if disapproved, secretary advises requesting party Prepare photocopies of requested document upon approval 20 minutes SB Secretary Lily U. Dalag
3. Issuance/release of requested document upon payment of necessary fees Releases document requested 5 minutes SB Secretary Lily U. Dalag


Issuance of franchise to Operate a Motorized Tricycle for Hire

ABOUT THE SERVICE : The Sangguniang Bayan enacts ordinances and resolutions and appropriate funds for the general welfare of the municipality. The Local Government Code of 1991 empowers the body to regulate the operation of tricycles and grant franchise to operate tricycle for hire plying within the municipality and franchise if renewable every three years. The approval of franchise to operate a motorized tricycle for hire takes two consecutive municipal council sessions in the Sangguniang Bayan, provided all requirements are complied with.


  • Current OR of registration
  • Certificate of Registration, “For Hire”
  • Stencil of Motor Number & Chassis/Body Number of Motorcycle
  • Driver’s Licenses/ID or Birth Certificate of Applicant/Operator (operational for renewal)
  • Barangay clearance
  • Police clearance
  • Fiscal’s clearance
  • Mayor’s clearance
  • Current/previous MTOP
  • Deed of Sale/Donation or any proof of ownership; if transfer
  • Unit subject for MTOP
  • Duly filled up


  • Annual Franchise tax is 1% of gross receipts derived from the operation
  • MTOP Permit : Filing fee per unit – New/Renewal Php 50.00

Amendment/Transfer Php 100.00

Sold/Terminate Php 25.00

Dropping/Substitution Php 125.00

  • Legal Research Fee Php 20.00
  • Franchise Verification Fee Php 20.00
  • Application/Petition for Fare Increase Php 170.00
  • Fare Adjustment Fee Php150.00
  • Supervision Fee Php 40.00


As the client, you: The responsible office It will take Person(s) responsible
1. Secures application form Issue application form and checklist of requirements 5 minutes Treasury Office
2. Submit accomplished documents and other requirements Verify submitted documents for submission at Sangguniang Bayan Office 10 minutes Treasury Office
3. Claim franchise ordinance Releases approved franchise ordinance 5 minutes SB Secretary Lily U. Dalag