Vision and Mission


Nueva Era is envisioned to be more socio-economically developed upland municipality of the Province of Ilocos Norte with balanced and diversified environment, preserved cultural heritage, offering wealth of natural tourist attractions and man-made wonders through a tourist-friendly, upright, hardworking, empowered and vigilant citizenry propelled by enlightened leaders committed to sustainable growth and development under the guidance of the Divine Providence”.


Toward this end, we are committed to pursue:

  • Promote meaningful, productive interaction between the executive and legislative body with the civil society;
  • The promotion of positive Filipino values among families;
  • Programs to achieve a drug free community sustainable peaceful municipality;
  • Programs for sustainable socio-economic development;
  • Development of proficient, motivated, and inspired workforce on the organization;
  • The promotion of culture and arts and tourism;
  • The provision of quality services to all sectors;
  • Make the local development plans anticipatory and proactive of climate change and disaster impacts.